Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing for each course is displayed under its page. Go to the courses page and search for the course of interest. Click the course. You will see the pricing displayed at the top under the course's details.
We have four payment or subscription options.
  • Monthly: Monthly subscriptions are only available if joining right at the beginning of your learning block or semester. You cannot opt for a montly subscription if joining say in the middle of the semester. Details about the actual cost are available on the course's details page.
  • Double installment: This is the most popular susbsription option where you divide your payments into two installments. The first installment is paid in the first month while the second and last installment is paid in the following month. This option is only available if subscribing right at the start of your learning block or semester. If joining during the semester, this option is not applicable.
  • Full payment: You can choose to pay the total cost all at once. This option is available during the whole semester or learning block.
  • Revision class: Another option is to pay only for exam preparation classes which are usually held towards exams or at the end of your learning block. Under this subscription, you only get access to materials and resources for revision classes only.

Yes. We do offer discounts to students taking more than one course. Applicable discounts are shown during the registration process. However, just for an indication, our discounts are on average as follows:

  • 2 courses: 5%
  • 3 courses: 7%
  • 4 courses: 10%

Yes. We do offer a free trial period of usually two weeks where we give you full access to all our resources and services free of charge. Our trial period is however only offered during the beginning of each course's learning block.

No. We do not sell assignment solutions. We do however assist you with your assignments as part of your tuition.

We freely provide depending on the insitution. Institution provided exam solutions are normally uploaded / shared by other students in our shared folders. We do not own these neither do we endorse their accuracy or legitimacy.

Exam solutions we create and provide are freely available either in shared folders on our website or under your profile if they are only for subscribed students.

For institutions that do not provide Past exam papers nor the solutions .e.g. ICB, we also do not provide.

If your course is not available on our courses page, contact us and suggest a new course. After reviewing your suggestion, we will add the course to the list.

If your course is not yet available make sure you click 'Show interest' on our courses page to vote for it. Courses are offered depending on whether or not students are interested. Once the number of interests has reached our minimun threshold, we offer the course. We display the date when the course will start once students have shown interest. Once you vote for a course, we wil notify you when the course starts.

We try to keep every lesson at most an hour long. Depending on the actual lesson and your tutor, some lessons maybe slightly above.

The minimum duration for a lesson depends on your tutor and what you need to cover in that lesson.